We are a design and development agency based out of Washington, DC.  We develop digital products that have unique and elegant designs across all mediums.  Click here for more information.

outside the box

Our developers and designers at Aura Studios recognize that we are living in an ever-evolving world and because of that, that aim to stay ahead of all the changes that come with evolution. Our focus on responsive and structurally correct websites allow our websites to consistently stay on top of the search results.

Destined for Development

Responsive Minded

Desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. It doesn't matter, our websites will look good on them all.


Our understanding of search engines and document structuring, allows our developers to build and optimize our sites with search in mind.


Constant analysis of who, where, and how our websites are accessed gives us a better view of how to better interface with and grow a site's userbase.

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